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A History and Guide to North American Pintype Insulators

By John & Carol McDougald

The NIA expresses its gratitude to authors John and Carol McDougald for developing this fantastic hobby resource.  The availability of this great reference guide to the collector community in digital format is made possible by the author’s generous assignment of their copyright interests to the NIA.  The two volume set is currently available as two large Adobe Reader format (.PDF) files which can be downloaded or viewed on-line.  Note that these are large files and could take an extended period of time to download even if you have a fast connection.   We also supply a version broken out by chapters which should help those with slower connections (see below).  This reference book replaced the "Most About Glass Insulators" by the Millhollands as the premier insulator reference in the hobby.  Please also check out "Birthing of the Book" which details the history behind this great publication.

Note:  “This document is made available for personal use only. It is copyrighted and the contents thereof must not be reprinted or imparted to a third party nor be used for any unauthorized purpose without obtaining advanced written permission from the National Insulator Association.”

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Volume 1 (History)

Birthing of the Book!



John & Carol


Volume 2 (Insulators)

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