2017 National Show

This was one of the better attended Nationals over the last few years. It is wonderful to finally meet collectors with whom you only been able to deal or chat with on line!  For those who have made it to a number of National shows, it is nice to see both familiar faces and new ones from the region of the show.  Here are some of the people at the show!

Denny Hackthorne with his great display

Solid walkthrough during the show!

More show activity!


Kat McClanahan & Bill Rhode


Bill Snell


Show Co-host David Baron


Bill and Lulu Harrison


Three time National show hosts Bob Stahr & Rick Soller


Matt Grayson, Jim Colburn, Bill Rohde & Bob Berry


Bruce MacGregor & Dwayne Anthony


Cameron Case & Francisco Campos


Carolyn Berry & Bill Rhode


Charles & Candy Cross


Charlie Williams & Bob Berry


The "Hedges" -- Chris and Gil


Chris & Shannon Hernandez


Matt Grayson, Jeff Katchko, Ken Willick & Bob Berry


May & Colin Jung


Colin Jung, Mike Swanson & Bruce MacGregor


Colin Yennie & Wayne Duzynski


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