The 2017 National Show! 

July 21-23, 2017


Colorado Springs, CO

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The 48th National insulator show was held in Colorado Springs at the Hotel Elegante.  Dan Gauron, Mike Green and Dave Baron hosted the show. The hotel was excellent with extensive accommodations including a spacious show hall as well as a wonderful banquet hall overlooking the Rocky Mountains.  This show was very well planned out with numerous activities available for those who arrived early. These included a ride up Pikes Peak on the cog railway as well as a 6.5 mile hike over an elevation of 3800 feet for the adventuresome! Tours of the Air Force Academy, the Garden of the Gods, as well as a actual gold mine tour were also provided. Everything was very well planned and coordinated, making it enjoyable for all.  The Saturday awards banquet was buffet style with both chicken and beef and concluded with the display awards, several special awards and the presentation the NIA Lifetime Membership Award, two new inductions into the NIA Hall of Fame and four NIA President's awards.  The show featured an incredible 30 collector displays, two fantastic group displays (seldom seen insulators & junkers - insulators with inclusions, bubbles, milk, etc.) as well as the NIA educational exhibit on artificially colored insulators.  Each displayer received a great wall plaque with the full color show logo, an oak sidepin with a purple CD 121 W.G.M.Co. mounted. Feedback from dealers and collectors alike was fantastic!

Show hosts Mike Green, Dan Gauron and Dave Baron



Two options were provided to climb Pikes Peak. Mike Green coordinated a hike up the mountain (13 miles with a 7,500 foot climb!) for a small group of adventurers. For the rest of us there is the cog railway which provides great views and a easier climb to the top.

The adventurous climbers- All made it to the top!

Collectors at the peak with the Cog Railway

A view down the cog railway from the top

View from the peak

Water Tower

Pikes Peak Elevation!


The Saturday night awards banquet was well attended and had several very special attributes. Music was provided by Duane Davenport on piano and Mike Swanson on oboe including an insulator version of A Horse With No Name (A Pony with no name) was featured. Each displayer received a beautiful award with a side pin mounted on a finished oak board complete with a beautiful CD 121 WGM purple insulator, a show logo and even date nails to hold the side pin! A very special speech was made by Mike Bliss, who entered the hall in the overalls that Jerry Turner wore for the classic "Hemingray 42 Awards" with a beard & cigar at the start. During the dinner all attendees were surprised with the notification that all their meals had been paid for by Bill Rohde in honor of Bill's parents Don & Camille! Mike Green also presented some beautiful photographic cards.

Mike Green with Mike Swanson (oboe) and Duane Davenport (piano)


Mike Bliss speach


NIA President Steve Roberts presenting a Presdents award to past President Don Briel

Displayer Award


In addition to the numerous display awards there were several significant NIA awards given out:

Special Show Host Awards:

Additional Awards:

NIA Hall of Fame was started in 2012 and we had two inductees this year:

Lifetime Membership (The NIA's highest award) presented:

Five President's Awards were given:

Two NIA Scholarships were also awarded:

At the conclusion of the NIA general meeting was the announcement of next year's National show.  It will be held in Kansas City, MO with Darryl & Margaret Wagner as hosts. LINK

For more details on this great show, check out the links below.

National shows are unlike anything else in the hobby.  It is the one time of year when collectors from across the globe get together and meet.  Note that Lee Brewer again made creative and beautiful "insulator currency" to be given to junior displayers to be spent at the show. These came in several denominations and were so popular few ever got turned in by the dealers. See the $10 denomination below (click the image for a larger view of this neat item).

"kids bucks" award for junior displayers.

Show Hall Layout

Example of the steady crowd seen throughout the show!

Examples of some of the insulators available at this show!


CD 162.4 1678

CD 242 Hemingray 66

CD 265 No. 5 Cable

Not an insulator but a very cool Buck Rogers ray gun toy

"Free" table!

Some killer glass

Russians and friends

Early porcelain power

Colorful mix


Tough Pyrex 553

CD 164 Citrine

NIA Commemoratives for this show

Color glass

Color porcelain

These insulators were found on a hunt during the show!!


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