2016 National Show

Yet another great show for attendance.  It is wonderful to be able to meet collectors you may have dealt with at a distance of on-line in person!  For those who have made it to a number of National shows, it is nice to see both familiar faces and new ones from the region of the show.  Here are some of the people at the show!

Al Fix & Tom Katonak


Andrew Gibson


Andy Wadysz


Carolyn Berry, Steve Jones, Francisco Campos


Ann & Curtis Erickson


Bill & Jill Meier


Howard & Linda Banks


Brian Riecker & Katrina Menard


Bob Berry


Don & Ruth Mecklenborg


Dan Ling


2017 Show Hosts Dan Gauron & Mike Green


Carolyn & Earnest Griffin


Show hall activity


Dennis Kotan & Gene Hawkins


Dan Gauron, Sean Green, Mike Green, & Doug Williams


Dwayne Anthony & Mike Green


Elton Gish


Francisco Campos and display awards


Grant & Jacque Barnes


Tammy & Kevin Jacobsen


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