2016 National Show

People at the show continued

Earnest Griffin with his colorful display of Russian glass


Jack Reisselman, Jacque Barnes, & Jeff Katchko


Francisco Campos and his New Mexico display


Crowd in the hotel lobby


Jeanne & Don Briel and Steve Roberts


Jeff Katchko, Jack Roach & Ellie Dutcher


Jim Frustieri


John Contreras


John Hovanec


Ken Willick & Chris Hernandez


Tim Haraf & Tom Nugent


Roger & Rita Holt


Kim Borgman


Larry Veneziano & Peter Abbott


Lee Brewer & Justin Stoudt


Lou Hall



As an incentive for younger collectors to display "NIA Cash" was offered as an additional incentive to put together a display. Lee Brewer designed these great "bank notes" that show Ralph Hemingray and the Hemingray factory. Click the pictures below to get a closer look at these creative designs!

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