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The 1987 National Show - Fresno, California

July 24-26, 1987


The 19th national insulator show was held in Fresno, CA at the Hacienda Resort and Convention Center.  Mike Guthrie was the show host for this excellent show.  There were 13 displays.  Bill and Marilyn Albers received the NIA Lifetime Membership award, Clarice Gordon received the NIA Outstanding Service Award and Elton Gish received the Sterling Finch Award for dedication to the hobby.

Mike Guthrie


Below is some of the great glass that was at the show:

CD 125 Hemingray

CD 244 "Pamona"


CD 133 Brookfield

CD 190/191 A.T.& T. Co.

CD 123 E.C.& M. styles

CD 190/191 California

CD 190/191 P.R.R.

CD 162 H.G.Co. Signals

Just some examples of insulators at the show!

Follow this link to see the displays: The 1988 National Show Displays 

People at the show:

Bill Heikotter, Dan and Don Rienke                               --                                 Kevin Lawless                                                       Madeline Warren & Carol McDougald

Jerry Turner                                                                                                                                    Pete and Lillian Bishop and Marilyn Turner

Dick Bowman                                                                                 -                                                      Jerry Turner                                    

National shows are unlike anything else in the hobby.  It is the one time of year where collectors from across the globe get together and meet.  The 2010 National will be held in Boxborough, MA.   Link for information on the next National Show:



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