2016 National Show Displays

There were 17 displays at the show.  These included a mix of competitive and non-competitive displays including both insulators and related items.  

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Display by: Elton Gish of Lumberton, TX (NIA #41)

"Early Communication Insulators 1845-1890"

This display shows early historic insulators from North America and Great Britain and received the following awards:

  • NIA Award for Best of Show
  • NIA Award for Best of Specialty
  • Millholland Educational Award


Display by: Steve Jones of Naperville, IL (NIA #8720)

"Early Power in Connecticut 1893-1918"

This historic display shows early power insulators used in Connecticut including the recently discovered Knowles CD 319 style.  It received the NIA award for Best of General and the Greater Chicago Insulator Club Award for the Best Exhibit Using Power Insulators


Display by: Justin Stoudt of Kutztown, PA (NIA #8199)

"Brookfield Toll Insulators"

This colorful display shows the variety found in the CD 121 insulators made by Brookfield. 



Display by: Shaun Kotlarsky of Waterford, MI (NIA #4993)

"Hemingray Advertising in Three Dimensions"

This creative display contains hemingray advertisments with the actual insulator advertised in place.  It received the Jim Overstreet Memorial Award for Best exhibit using threaded CDs presented by the Dixie Jewels Insulator Club and the Missouri Valley Award for the Best use of Midwest Colored Glass in a Display.



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