The 2015 National Show! 

July 3-5, 2015


Sandwich, IL

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The 46th National insulator show was held in Sandwich, Illinois at the Timber Creek Convention Center.  Jason & Daniella Townsend and Bob Stahr hosted the show.  This show hall was large and allowed comfortable space for all the dealers, aisles and displays.  Friday (NIA day) and Saturday well attended with good walkthrough, Sunday was lighter but good bargains to be found!.  The Saturday awards banquet had a great buffet and also included the presentation of one Lifetime member award as well as two Outstanding Service to the NIA awards.  There were 16 quality displays covering both insulators and related items.  Each displayer received a great award with a slip cast glazed Mickey mouse. Dealers reported excellent sales and there was a great selection of both glass and porcelain available.

Show hosts Jason Townsend and Bob Stahr

A highlight of the show was Jason opening his home to let collectors see his excellent collection of scarce and rare porcelain.  Jason's specialties include no-tie porcelain pin-types, and he has likely the largest collection of these in the hobby.

Great traffic at the show

More show floor activity


The Saturday night awards banquet was well attended and in addition to the numerous display awards there were several significant NIA awards given out:

NIA Hall of Fame was started in 2012 - here are the 2015 inductees:

One Lifetime Membership (The NIA's highest award) presented:

There were also two outstanding service awards presented:

Four President's Awards were given:

At the conclusion of the NIA general meeting was the announcement of next years National show.  It will be held in Muncie, IN with Bob Stahr and Rick Soller as hosts.



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An excellent assortment of glass and porcelain was available at the show.  Here are some examples: 

Bennington Threadless


Purple CD 126 CREB


snowy CD 151


Olive CD 120


Awesome 134s




Porcelain robot




Mix of porcelain


Nice green mouse


small & unusual suspension


Tough CD 112 star




NIA Commemoratives (Yellow for 2015)


Sea of blue colored porcelain!


Unusual Suspension


good stuff!



For more details on this great show, check out the links below.

National shows are unlike anything else in the hobby.  It is the one time of year where collectors from across the globe get together and meet.  


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