The 2014 National Show! 

July 3-6, 2014


Farmington, NM

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The 45th National insulator show was held in Farmington, New Mexico at the McGee Park Convention Center.  Tommy Bolack was the show host.  This was one of the most unique National shows held.  Tommy provided the show tables, the awards banquet and two days of food at the show for free.  Although Farmington is somewhat isolated, the National was very well attended.  The excitement surrounding Tommy's Electro-mechanical museum,  wildlife museum, and personal insulator collection was a significant draw.  There were also 22 quality displays on a raised area in the hall.  Dealers reported excellent sales and there was a great selection of both glass and porcelain available.

Show host Tommy Bolack with some of his favorites!

This was a unique national in that it was run for four days.  This gave extra time for attendees to see all that was available at the Bolack experimental farm and ranch.  The Ranch has a fantastic wildlife museum including beautifully done displays of animals, birds, fish and insects from around the world!  The electromechanical museum consists of three giant pole barns filled with historic artifacts combined with outdoor displays covering several acres.  Tommy also opened his house for collector visits - the house contains the bulk of his insulator collection along with many other rare and fascinating items.

Reasonable traffic at the show

Raised floor area for the displays


The Saturday night awards banquet was very well attended and in addition to the numerous display awards there were several significant NIA awards given out:

NIA hall of fame was started in 2012 - here are the 2014 Inductees:

There were two Lifetime Memberships (The NIA's highest award) presented:

There were also two outstanding service award presented:

At the conclusion of the NIA general meeting was the announcement of next years National show.  It will be held in Sandwich, IL with Jason &  as the host.


2015 National show flyer (Click to enlarge)

Link to the 2015 show website


An excellent assortment of glass and porcelain was available at the show.  Here are some examples: 

Early Threadless




bubbly CD 134 


Green CD 259


New Lexington Multipart


Southern Porcelain Teapot


Unusual porcelain


European No-tie styles


CD 128 opalescent


Rare CD 203.2 with rubber


Nice CD 701 threadless


Boston Bottle Works

2013 Commemorative


CD 154 Dominion


CD 145 American


CD 133.2 Wormser bullet


2015 Glass block




CD 695 "bustle" with hardware



For more details on this great show, check out the links below.

National shows are unlike anything else in the hobby.  It is the one time of year where collectors from across the globe get together and meet.  


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