The 2013 National Show! 

July 19-21, 2013



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The 44th National insulator show was held in Franklin, Tennessee at the Marriott Hotel Cool Springs Conference Center.  Show hosts were Bill Haley, Ken Roberts and Steve Roberts.  The show was basically a sell out with 118 dealer tables.  There were also 18 excellent displays across the back of the show hall.  Dealers reported excellent sales and there was a great selection of both glass and porcelain available.

Mariott Hotel (Dale Glendenning captured this great shot at the show!)

2013 Show Flyer

Show hosts Bill Haley, Ken Roberts and Steve Roberts

There was decent walk through on both Friday (NIA day) and Saturday.  Sunday was not to be missed as well with many dealers selling at a discount!  In addition to the insulators, there were many things to see and do in the Franklin area.  Nearby there are a number of very historic plantations and homes from the Civil War era and before.  Franklin is right next to Nashville which is the home to country music including the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and tons of live venues.  

The Saturday night awards banquet was very well attended and in addition to the numerous display awards there were several significant NIA awards given out:

NIA hall of fame was started last year - here are the 2013 Inductees:

There were two Lifetime Memberships (The NIA's highest award) presented:

There was also an outstanding service award presented:

The highlight of the Friday evening NIA general meeting was the announcement of next years National show.  It will be held in Farmington, NM with Tommy Bolack as the host.



2013 NIA show commemoratives

Solid pour


An excellent assortment of glass and porcelain was available at the show.  Here are some examples: 

CD 134 unembossed Oakman


CD 688 Robot


U-395 blue Pittsburg mouse 


CD 190/191 California

(Note: NIA benefit auction!)

CD 164.4 Fry glass


U-939 Fred Locke Ink-stamp

U-820 Jeffery-Dewitt spiral grooves

CD 141.7 "Twiggs"

CD 268.5 Standard cable

CD 154 Zicme

CD 150 Brookfield 

CD 126 Brookfield


For more details on this great show, check out the links below.

National shows are unlike anything else in the hobby.  It is the one time of year where collectors from across the globe get together and meet.  


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