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The 2011 National Show! 

July 8-10, 2011



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The 42nd national insulator show was held in San Jose, California at the Doubletree Hotel.  Show hosts were Colin Jung, Lou Hall, Dave Elliott and Bill Rohde.  The Doubletree provided an excellent show site and was also the venue for the 2005 National Show.  The show was close to a sell out with 108 dealer tables.  There were also 20 excellent displays ranging from a working telegraph to colorful insulators from Russia.  Dealers reported excellent sales and there was a great selection of both glass and porcelain available.

Show hosts Colin Jung, Lou Hall, Dave Elliott and Bill Rohde. 

New collector Matthew Covenas is also pictured.

Doubletree Hotel


The awards banquet was held a few blocks from the show and provided excellent food at a reasonable price.  Several special NIA awards were presented at the banquet.  Tommy Bolack received the Outstanding Service award and Rick and Nedra Soller received Lifetime Membership, the NIA's highest award.  NIA president, Lou Hall, also presented some special "NIA President" appreciation awards.  Glenn Drummond, Bob Stahr, Elton Gish and Bill Meier received an award for work to implement the fantastic "Insulator Gazette" which is an easily searchable warehouse of historic insulator related information.  Carolyn Berry received an award for her 13+ years as the NIA Product Coordinator where she greatly increased the quality and availability of NIA logo products.  Jack Roach received an award for his 7 year tenure as NIA treasurer which included the transition to 501c3 status.  Bill and Camille Rohde received an award for their long time hosting of the annual "Rohde Roundup" insulator swap.

Rick and Nedra Soller received Lifetime Membership


Tommy Bolack received Outstanding Service 

(Note stand-in as this award was presented at Tommy's June Tailgater)

Presidents award for the Insulator Gazette presented to Elton Gish, Bill Meier (Jill Meier accepting), Bob Stahr, and Glenn Drummond (Steve Blair accepting)


Carolyn Berry accepting a President's Award for NIA Product Marketing


Don and Camille Rohde Presidents Award for hosting the annual "Rohde Roundup" swap meet.


Jack Roach accepting a President's Award for the NIA Treasurer position.


One of the features of the show was expert appraisals and silent auctions available to walk ins to the show.  This was very successful for both the show attendees as well as the person bringing in items.  A large number of insulators were brought in for review and a number were selected for silent auction!  Shown below are some of the better items that walked in and were auctioned.  Not shown were a number of colored California pieces and a nice CD 130 California Electrical Works that also were auctioned.  

Two purple CD 700 eggs!

Happy seller and buyers!

CD 164 Citrine McLaughlin 

CD 120 C.E.W.


A special thanks goes to Diane Tjerrild for taking professional photographs of the entire show and donating them to the NIA royalty free! Many of the pictures in this show report were provided by her which has enabled a more comprehensive report.

For more details on this great show, check out the links below.

National shows are unlike anything else in the hobby.  It is the one time of year where collectors from across the globe get together and meet.  


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