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The 1996 National Show: 

Long Beach, CA 

July 19-21, 1996

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The twenty seventh national insulator show was held in Long Beach, California from July 19th-21st at the Renaissance Hotel.   The show hosts were Dwayne Anthony and Dave Hall.   The show was held in the heart of Long Beach with great views of the harbor and the Queen Mary.  Thanks to Dwayne Anthony & Mike Guthrie for the photos 

Show hosts Dave Hall and Dwayne Anthony

Renaissance Hotel

The show featured a fantastic banquet with over 100 in attendance.  Entertainment included Dwayne Davenport with audience participation sing-alongs.  Grant Saltzman with John and Carol McDouglald were the "drip point singers" provided some foot stomping music.  Cherie Anthony did a beautiful rendition of "Wind Beneath my Wings" and Christian Willis (15 at the time) played Scott Joplin ragtime on the piano.

Dwayne Davenport

Grant Saltzman with Carol and John McDouglald

Christian Willis on the piano

Clarice & Wes Gordon receive Lifetime NIA membership


Here are some additional photos from the show!

Long Beach

View from the Hotel of the Queen Mary

Jim Sanders, Ross Baird & Ron Souza

Robert McLaughlin, Donald McLaughlin & Fred Padgett in front of fred'd display

Link to The Displays

If you have never been to a national show, I highly recommend the experience! 

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