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The 1990 National Show! 

July 6-8, 1990


The 21st national insulator show was held in Portland, OR at the Airport Holiday Inn.  The show host was Steve Watkins.  The show had 66 dealers filling 107 sales tables along with 12 displays.  The show banquet was a Hawaiian buffet and was well attended with piano entertainment by collectors Bill Reid and Mike Bruner.  

Show host Steve Watkins.

At the awards banquet John & Andrea DeSousa were awarded with NIA Lifetime Membership for their long term support of the hobby.   Steve Watkins received the YPCIC Sterling Finch Award as show host.  John and Carol McDougald received the NIA Outstanding Service award for the publishing of the "History and Guide to North American Pintype Glass Insulators" which significantly boosted the hobby popularity, making them the first two-time winners of this award.

CD 168.5 and 168.6

CD 112 O.V.G. Co.

CD 106 Ericsson & CD 134 No Name Pennycuick

CD 130.2 Seiler's patent & CD 130.2 Cal Electric Works

CD 233 No Name (Brookfield)

CD 102 Diamond in near cobalt blue and teal

CD 123 E.C.&.M.Co. & CD 120 C.E.W. "tall version"

CD 130 Cal. Electric Works "Short version"

Two CD 123 E.C.& M. Co.  versions

Just some examples of the insulators at the show!

Follow this link to see the displays: The 1990 National Show Displays 


National shows are unlike anything else in the hobby.  It is the one time of year where collectors from across the globe get together and meet.  The 2010 National will be held in Boxborough, MA.   Link for information on the next National Show:



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