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The 1988 National Show! 

July 22-24, 1988


The 19th national insulator show was held in Houston, TX at the Adam's Mark Hotel.  Show hosts were John Hall. Marilyn Albers and Elton Gish.  Collectors attended from across the US (California, New York, Florida, Oregon and Alaska) as well as from Canada and Australia.  There were 19 excellent displays.

John Hall. Marilyn Albers and Elton Gish.

Some highlights of the show were the fact that eight of ten current or past NIA presidents attended.  Porcelain collecting pioneer Jack Tod was also in attendance.  Len and Jacklyn Linscott received the NIA Lifetime Membership Award for their longtime support of the hobby.  Mike Guthrie received the NIA Outstanding Service Award for his service to the NIA as Information Director (Drip Points) and for his work on the book "Fake, Altered and Repaired Insulators".

This picture shows current (1988) and past NIA presidents:  

Top Row:  Jerry Turner, Bob Alexander, Kevin Lawless, John McDougald, Mike Bruner

Second row: Len Linscott, Margaret Griffen Gregory (Widow of first president Fred Griffin), Marilyn Albers, Mike Guthrie

Bennie Helen Rusk

Bill Ginn

Carl Rusk & Merwin Lodge

Darryl Halik

Laura Monckton (Austrailia)

Jacklyn & Len Linscott (Lifetime Membership)

Sarah & Rusty Lodge

Leonard Sheppard

Presley & Mary Sharp

Just some examples of collectors at the show!

Follow this link to see the displays: The 1988 National Show Displays 


National shows are unlike anything else in the hobby.  It is the one time of year where collectors from across the globe get together and meet.  The 2010 National will be held in Boxborough, MA.   Link for information on the next National Show:



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