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Membership Handbook

Revised January 2016

The NIA membership handbook was significantly updated this last year and is available here in PDF format.  It is available by section or as a single full document for convenience.

Complete Handbook - PDF Format

Table of Contents (Individual PDF files)

*Introduction, Definitions & Terminology
*Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
*Code of Ethics

*Grading Standards
*Guidelines for Production and Sale of Imitation Insulators 
*Membership in the NIA
*General Rules of Conduct at NIA Sponsored Shows
*Show Facility Standards and Procedures

*Exhibit and Judging Rules
*Administrative Show Rules
*Contributions and Transfers
*Gifts, Grants and Distributions
*Officers and Directors
*Advisory Panels and Committees

Note that there are a number of forms referenced in this document available here:



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