CD 370.9: France


14" - 10 3/4" - 10 1/2" X 16 3/8" (356mm - 273mm - 267mm X 416mm)


(front dome) FOLEMBRAY

(rear dome) No 416             


Picture courtesy Tommy Bolack

This is one of the largest glass pin-type insulators known and is a three part multipart where the glass shells are cemented together.  This insulator was written about in the February 1997 Crown Jewels. It was brought from France to Hemingray for possible production of such large insulators. Marilyn Albers purchased the insulator from Paul Houpt who indicated that the piece was removed from the plant in Muncie, Indiana by Dennis Donovan when insulator production closed down in 1969. N.R. Woodward says that a fellow named Ern Parkinson had it sitting on his front porch for years after he'd rescued it from being thrown away.

Note:  Original CD assignment from Glass Insulators From Outside North America published in 1993 by Marilyn Albers & N.R. Woodward.

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