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The following abbreviations and conventions are used on this site:

Considerations on contributing pictures to the site:

If you are willing to help improve this site by contributing information and pictures, please consider the following information - send pictures & information to webmaster.  Note that we are also looking for in-use photographs of any of these to go along with the insulators themselves!  Credit will be given on the site for all contributions.

To keep the quality and consistency on the site, here are considerations on photo submissions:

Good photos do not require expensive equipment!  Inexpensive digital cameras can do an excellent job

Picture requirements:

  • Pictures need to be color accurate and against a white background at full resolution 
  • The following have shown good success as background
    • Quality back-lit display cases
    • Porta-trace brand photographic light boxes
    • Quality flat panel monitor with plain white background (this works surprisingly well) - "blank website"
    • Very large insulators can be taken with just a white background (white sheet, etc.) if they are too large to capture back-lit
  • Pick a camera position that will make the base of the insulator nearly flat unless the insulator is so large this will distort the image - note the center picture below is the desired view for this site to keep consistency with other photos.  There is no right/wrong here as each view has advantages, just have to pick a view that will be consistent.  For very large pieces try and keep the center of the insulator as the view (middle skirt on a three part multipart).
  • Starting like 2 feet or so back and using some optical zoom to get a close-up of the insulator helps reduce distortion -- The picture on the left below was taken as a close-up with no zoom - note the distortion.  On the right staying back 2-3' (1 meter) allows a cleaner view.
  • If you want to contribute and are concerned about quality we can try some sample shots to perfect the process

Additional information - Along with the pictures we need

  • Dimensions - Width & Height as per the Insulator Measurements above (Include additional dimensions for odd shaped pieces like T-bars).
  • Full markings and location of markings
  • Country of origin (Country of manufacture & country where found if different)
  • CD number if known
  • Any additional information you may know about the insulator, maker or use

Submit to webmaster.

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