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Glass Neon Sign Insulators

Glass insulators were used to support the glass tubing on the early neon signs that mounted to porcelainized metal.  These consist of small stand-off mounts as well as feed through insulators that supported the neon tubes as they pass from the back to the front of the sign.  The following catalog entry shows some neon styles, both glass and porcelain.

Example of an early neon sign using glass mounting insulators



Glass insulator to mount the neon tubing from behind (or inside) the sign.

Here are two small neon standoff insulators.  These are about two inches long and screw into holes in the metal to mount the neon tubing (Ties with wire to the head)

This is a feed through insulator that brings the neon tubing from the inside of the sign to where it is visible.  This insulator mounts to the sign from the threaded base - the spring goes on the inside of the sign and holds the neon tubing.

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