CD 121:

Am. Tel. & Tel. Co. made by Brookfield.  Note this is not the more common "denver" Am. Tel. & Tel. Co. which can be identified by a flat top on the ampersand.

One of the scarcer tolls, this is base embossed The Standard Glass insulator Co. Boston, Mass.

This jade milk toll embossed Am. Tel. & Tel. Co. is a Hemingray product.

Diamond (Canada)

R. Good Jr. Denver Colorado

This toll was made by Harloe at Hawley, PA.

California Glass Insulator Co.

Ohio Valley Glass Co.

The Western Flint Glass Co. - Denver, CO

Brookfield Glass Co.

Maydwell Glass Co.

Smooth base Hemingray


This style is known as a "toll" insulator as it was frequently used on telephone toll circuits.  This was a standard style for many years until it was replaced by the CD 122.

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