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Jim White Biography

 You clicked the bio for Jim White, Public Relations Chairman for the NIA.  If you are curious about what one insulator collector is like, here is a brief profile. 

 First my 5 proudest accomplishments in life:

1.      Being the first in my entire family to not only attend college, but to graduate in three years and complete my graduate degree in the fourth.

2.      Marrying my wife and raising 5 children

3.      Putting 5 children through college

4.      Constructing the $51,000,000 Farm Bureau Headquarters in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana and renovating the $9,000,000 Omni Severin Hotel

5.      Being Fund Raising Chairman for the Carmel Clay Veterans Memorial and raising $374,000 to construct a 7-ton bronze landmark memorial devoted to all who served.

Work experience includes: (1) County Energy Manager, Home Builders Association of Indiana  (2009 – Present) ;  (2)  General Manager, Primrose Development LLC  and (3) General Manager, Quadrant Development, Inc; (4) Commercial Project Manager, Mansur Development Company; (5) Asst. Executive Director, Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis; (6) Deputy Director, Division of Economic Development, City of Indianapolis –Department of Metropolitan; (7) Director of Governmental Affairs and Public Relations, Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis; (8) Senior Planner, City of Indianapolis;  (9) Urban Soil Conservationist, USDA/Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District and City of Indianapolis;  (10) High School Science Teacher, Mount Vernon High School.

 Insulator Collecting: While an art student at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, I found a couple very common insulators.  The rest is history as I attempted to own every insulator I saw.  That was the late 1960s.  Since that time I have collected many items from bottles, postcards, glass candy containers to fishing tackle; but none as rewarding as glass insulators. 

 Due to limited display space I collect the smallest of the insulators called “ponies”.  My specialty is California Glass Works as they have a variety of color and are small.  I have recently become interested in King City Glass Works production as they came from North Central Indiana.

 Besides insulator collecting:  I am a doting grandfather of 9 little insulator collectors (more coming).  I also am Contributing Photographer for Referee Magazine (a national sports publication based in Wisconsin) shooting most sports at the High School, College and Pro levels.  I tournament bass fished for 8 years. 

 Advice to new collectors: (1) be patient (2) attend shows (3) get permission to dig or hunt, but many good insulators are buried (4) get to know one or more veteran collectors who might be your mentor and educate yourself about the hobby.

 My Favorite Insulator Event:  Springfield Fall Insulator Show

I am proud to have won the “Springfield Most Educational Display” twice. 


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