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Darryl Wagner Biography

First, I am honored to have been asked to step into the NIA Events Advisor position held by Steve Blair.  These are very big shoes to fill and I will endeavor to make him proud.  Steve had asked me last year to assist him on the NIA Events committee, after the bid for the Kansas City National had been accepted.  I never dreamed that I would be asked to fill his position.   

Currently I am a Missouri resident, living in Smithville, which is on the north side of Kansas City, Missouri.  I have been collecting since about 1972¸when a neighbor who worked for the city of Harrisonville, gave me 3 banana boxes of insulators.  Unfortunately, I did not know of the hobby until about 9 years ago, while buying insulators on eBay, I met Charles Brandon and Dennis & Jeanne Weber.  In the last few years, I have become more and more involved with the hobby.  I am currently the President of the Missouri Valley Insulator Club whose great support allowed Charles Brandon, my wife Margaret and me to put together a very memorable 2012 NIA National Convention in Kansas City. 

Putting together swap meets & shows can have a variety of challenges, but also be very rewarding.  Keeping collectors active, creating interest for new collectors and of course, expanding one’s own collection, is very important.  There are currently a lot of shows around the country, but there is always room for more.  If you have any ideas or questions about having an NIA sponsored, NIA Regional, NIA National show or need help with a local show, please let me know. 

I will do my best to assist you with creating a great event.

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