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Carolyn Berry Biography

As your NIA Commemorative Coordinator, let me introduce myself. I grew up in the Schenectady area of NY State and went to SUNY @ Oneonta.  I graduated with a BS in Home Economics: Nutrition & a minor in business economics in 1984.  I married Bob Berry in October of 1988.   I have been a member of the NIA since then, when IBM became not only was my employer but "Insulators By Marriage" was also applicable, at home.  We have 2 wonderful kids that are now both in college, Meghan is in nursing school and Todd is at Texas A&M.

I attended the NIA National in Denver, 1993 and have only missed one national since then. I have attended 19 NIA national conventions overall. I, along with my husband Bob, have become quite active in the NIA since 1999. I co- hosted the NIA National in Austin, 1996 with my husband Bob, Jack Roach and Jim Bates. I served as the NIA Product Marketing Chairman for 13 + years (1997-2011 National Show). I began volunteering as the NIA Commemorative Coordinator in 2009.

I have been a member of the Lone Star Insulator Club (LSIC) since we moved from Poughkeepsie, NY to Round Rock, TX in 1993.I have become more active in the LSIC now that my children are in college and currently serve as the clubs VP. We have attended and now have hosted several LSIC Christmas swaps and look forward to it every year. We have started making the Mid-Ohio show a fall favorite travel destination. Traveling every summer to the U.P. of Michigan makes us well-distanced "car-travelers".

As for my collecting, I started collecting piano insulators Spring of 2008.  Meghan pointed out to me a beautiful 7-up "jellie" style piano insulator for a dollar at an antique shop we were visiting while on a trip with her high school drill team.  The rest is history, and I now have over 80 unique pieces on display.  I collect many things otherwise, liking the variety approach to collecting what strikes my fancy.

I am always open to suggestions and strive to make any organization I am involved with more productive and inclusive. The more our membership is involved the more we can do as a hobby & as an organization. 

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