Old Familiar Strains Index

Dan Howard, the publisher of "Old Familiar Strains" was kind enough to provide a topical index to all the issues as follows:

1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001

Note the following additional references:

  • air pocket insulators (see W.B. Mfg. Co)
  • AlSiMag Technical Ceramics Inc. (see Am. Lava)
  • Corwico (see Cornish Wire Co.)
  • DX Instrument Company (see Fil-Ko)
  • Electric Service Supplies Co. (see ESSCO)
  • F C M (see Mesa, Fernando C)
  • flourescent insulators (see black light)
  • G B (see Gustin-Bacon)
  • Garton-Daniels (see ESSCO)
  • Hercules (see Hull, S.W. & Co)
  • Hipple, S.R. (see Fil-Ko)
  • Kantstrike (see Quam-Nichols Co.)
  • Keystone (see ESSCO)
  • Nu-Blac (See Fleron)
  • Pyrex (see Corning)
  • S & S (see Smith & Stone Ltd.)
  • Sensory (see Heinemann)
  • Tantalum (See Fansteel Products)
  • Vulcan (see Cornish Wire Co.)
  • W4FXQ (see Buffington)

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